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Clavamox for cats is commonly recommended by veterinarians. Clavamox is essentially an anti-bacterial, broad-spectrum (all-purpose medication) antibiotic used commonly for treating various kinds of infection among pet animals like cats and dogs. When an infection first appears in a cat, most vets recommend Clavamox since it induces little side-effects and is immediately effective. This is also the main reason why many pet-owners like to maintain a small stock of Clavamox at home. Clavamox is easily available, usually retailed by all pharmacy stores, even by those that do not specialize in selling veterinarian medications. Most pet-owners tend to use Clavamox for cats for all types of medical problems, even those that necessarily don't require an anti-bacterial treatment. Though this isn't recommended, it is widely believed that Clavamox seldom does any harm to the cat or any other pet animal, even if taken in mild doses without the proper prescription. Clavamox is known to be very effective for treating bladder and skin infections among cats. It is also used for trauma to the bone wherein there is a visible laceration and the fear of a bacterial infection is very palpable. Some vets prescribe Clavamox during the early onset stage of pneumonia too.

Clavamox Basics

In terms of its formulation, Clavamox is a combination drug. It is made-up of a Clavulanate and Amoxicillin, blended according to certain permutations. Clavulanate provides an inhibitory action wherein it limits the production of a particular enzyme. On the other hand, amoxicillin is one of the most common antibiotics, used across the world and has general applications that are similar to penicillin. It is also said that Clavulanate plays an integral part in sprucing-up the effect of amoxicillin since there are certain kinds of bacterial infections that are difficult-to-cure with amoxicillin only.

Using Clavamox

Available in the form of pills, oral drops and syrups, Clavamox can be easily stored since it has a long shelf-life. Administration of Clavamox is undemanding. It is recommended that at the time of purchasing Clavamox, you evaluate the kind of administration route you will undertake. Some cats can be difficult-to-treat wherein feeding them the liquid medication becomes tedious. In such cases, using Clavamox pills is recommended since they can be easily camouflaged in the daily food of the cat. However, with pills, the dosage needs to be carefully monitored to ensure that the recommended dosage is not exceeded. Sometimes there are issues with using Clavamox pills since they aren't retailed in a wide variety of strengths and thus, the pills need to be cut and measured with care. Further, you should ensure that the pill doesn't get stuck in the cat's throat.
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